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বিচিত্রা: বৈদ্যুতিন রবীন্দ্র-রচনাসম্ভার

Bichitra: Online Tagore Variorum :: School of Cultural Texts and Records

विचित्रा: इलेक्ट्रॉनिक रवीन्द्ररचनावली :: स्कूल ऑफ कल्चरल टेक्स्टस एण्ड रेकॉर्डज़




The 'Printed Books and Periodicals' section under 'Browse Collection' contains images of every printed book and periodical used in the project.

  1. The basic division is into Bengali and English.
  2. Within each, images are grouped under the following heads.
    • Collected works. Images of the Visva-Bharati edition of Rabindranath’s Bengali Collected Works  (Rabindra-Rachanabali), 32 vols. + 2 vols. Achalita Samgraha.
      There is no corresponding section for English.
    • Anthologies. All collections of material previously published elsewhere as part of other volumes. Here too, there is no corresponding section for English.
    • Poems and Songs
    • Drama
    • Fiction (Novels and short stories)
    • Non-fiction (all other prose works)
  3. On opening the relevant page, access the required title either by using the alphabetical click-and-open menu, or by keying the title into the search box on the left panel.
  4. Once you have reached the title you want, click on it to open the images of that version. You can navigate through the images in two ways:
    • with the keyboard
    • with the toolbar (to open, click the Toolbar button on the top right)
  5. This page is primarily meant for access to complete books and collections in volume form. However, individual short stories published as journal items can be accessed through গল্প. Individual poems, songs and essays published as journal items can be accessed through the ‘Journals’ tab under the collection in which it appears in the ‘Collected Works’. It is simpler to access individual items through the ‘Bibliography’ page, which also offers some extra details.
The following keyboard shortcuts are available for viewing the images:
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EndView last page
BackspaceView previous page
EnterView next page
Up ArrowScroll upward
Down ArrowScroll downward
Left ArrowScroll left
Right ArrowScroll right
+Zoom in
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In addition to images of all manuscripts, printed books and periodicals, there are textual transcriptions (in .txt UTF-8 format) of every text. These can be accessed by clicking on the
icon in the 'Bibliography/See whole table' and 'Collation' section. Manuscript transcriptions appear automatically to the right of the images.
Cells that do not have an
icon indicate items we could not obtain for inclusion.

Some standardization of the transcribed texts was necessary for ease of reading and incorporation in the collation program. This sometimes makes for a departure from the original appearance of the text on the page. The latter can be ascertained from the image.