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Title/First Line
Manuscript/ typescript
Journal/ Periodical/ Newspaper
Anthologies/ Collections
Original Bengali Title and First Publication
Broken Ties and Other Stories: Giribala1.BROKEN TIES: RBVBMS_333 ts IMG 2-22. 2. IN THE NIGHT: RBVBMS_333 ts IMG 22-39 [title: 'At Midnight'] 3. THE FUGITIVE GOLD: RBVBMS_333 ts IMG 40-47 [subtitle: '(Translated by W. W. Pearson, with the help and revision of the author.) 7. EMANCIPATION: RBVBMS_040 ts [Lover's Gift], no. 72, IMG 92-96 'Theft from the King's treasury.' The cry ran through the town. The thief must be found, or there will be trouble for the officer of the guards./ Vajrasen, a stranger from a foreign port, came to sell horses in the town'. RBVBMS_098 IMG 39-44 ''The thief who broke into the royal treasury must be found,' said the King to his guards. And they to uphold the dread semblance of law chose for its victim Sushen, a stranger come from foreign land.' [IMG 39 p. crossed out]. RBVBMS_305B ts [Lover's Gift] LVIII IMG 34-8. RBVBMS_305D ts [Lover's Gift] IMG 71-76 [prose, ms title note: 'For the story book. Emancipation']. RBVBMS_305E ts [Lover's Gift] No. LV IMG 48-53. RBVBMS_305F ts [Lover's Gift] IMG 63-8. RBVBMS_0331(i)ts IMG 2-7, IMG 8-13, IMG 14-18[incomplete copy] ''Theft from the king's treasury!' the cry ran through the town' [See poems list for other instances differently labelled]. RBVBMS_331(ii) [Printed pages with corrections] IMG 1-2. RBVBMS_369(ii) ts IMG 2-4 'Theft from {the} King's treasury! The thief must be found or there will be trouble for the officer of the guards' [Identified as 'Broken Ties' in contents listing]. EMSF_3 [printed press copy] IMG 2-4 'At the end of his night in prison, Sushen sat muttering his last prayer: when the doors opened and Shama, with a lamp in hand, stood before him.' [handwritten contents index labels item as 'Broken Ties' 'Beginning/Description: The Debt/ At The End'. IMG 2 title: 'The Debt' subtitle: '(Translated from His Bengali Poem by the Author)' crossed out. IMG 3 running title: 'April 1920] The Debt'. IMG 4 running title 'Shama'a [April 1920'. Text divided into 9 short paragraphs and numbered]. HRVD_019 IMG 68-70 ts [fragment].5. MR, May 1917 [IMG in Bichitra archive]. 7. The Nation, 22 November, 1913.____Broken Ties and Other stories (London: Macmillan, 1925) [Volume contents: 1. Broken Ties 2. In the Night 3. The Fugitive Gold 4. The Editor 5. Giribala (by Tagore : see Das, Vol. 2): Giribala is overflowing with the exuberance of youth that seems spilling over in spray all around her 6. The Lost Jewels 7. Emancipation]____1. caturanga 2. nisheethe 3. swarnamriga 4. sampaadak 5. maanbhanjan(baishaakh 1302, 1895) 6. manihaaraa 7. From the poem parishodh in kathaa, 1306, 1900Das prints no. 5 in EW Vol. 2, not the others. See RBVBMS_305D ts [Lover's Gift] IMG 71 in Poems list.
The Hungry Stones and Other Stories: The Victory2. THE VICTORY: RBVBMS_034, IMG 5-13. RBVBMS_034 ts IMG 20-31. 5. MY LORD, THE BABY: RBVBMS_332 ts IMG 18-27 [folio no. 18 scanned twice] 'The rainy season was on. The hungry Padma had begun to devour gardens' [title: 'The Little Master']. 10. LIVING OR DEAD: RBVBMS_332 ts IMG 2-17, IMG 28-43 'Kadambini had not died.' [title: 'Living and Dead'].________Hungry Stones and Other Stories (London: Macmillan, 1916) [Volume contents: 1. The Hungry Stones 2. The Victory (by Tagore : See Das, Vol.2): She was the princess Ajita. 3. Once there was a King 4. The Home Coming 5. My Lord, the Baby 6. The Kingdom of Cards 7. The Devotee 8. Vision 9. The Babus of Nayanjore 10. Living or Dead 11. We Crown Thee King 12. The Renunciation 13. The Cabuliwallah]____1. kshudita paashaan 2. jay paraajay (kartik, 1299, 1892) 3.ashambhab kathaa 4. chuti 5. khokaabaabur pratyaabartan 6. ekta asharhe galpa7. boshtamee 8. drishtidaan 9. thaakurdaa 10. jeebita o mrita 11. raajteekaa12. tyag 13. caabuleewaalaaNot by Tagore (except marked). Tr. Various. For publication details of original Bengali texts ref. Masterlist. Das EW Vol. 2 prints no. 2 but not the others.
The Parrot's Training: Once upon a time there was a bird.____MR, March 1918 [IMG in Bichitra archive]Calcutta: Thacker, Spink & Co., 1918________totaa-kaahinee, lipikaa, 1399, 1922Another ed., titled 'The Parrot's Training and Other stories' (Santiniketan: Visva-Bharati, Oct. 1944) incl. 'Trial of the Horse' ('Ghorha': Lipikaa, tr. Surendranath Tagore), 'Old Man's Ghost' ('Kartaar Bhut': Lipikaa, tr. Amiya Chakravarty), and 'Great News' ('Barho Khabar': Galpasalpa, 1348, 1941).
The Patriot: I am sure that Chitragupta, who keeps strict record at the gate of Death____MR, July 1928 [IMG in Bichitra archive]____________sangskaar, jaishtha 1335, 1928____

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